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About the Company
The Ottawa Centre for Regional Innovation (OCRI) is Ottawa’s leader in an innovative economic development corporation, committed to advancing the region’s globally competitive, knowledge-based institutions and industries: making connections between and among its members; and fostering strategic partnerships at home and around the globe.

OCRI delivers its economic development services and their organizations a unique partnership with the City of Ottawa, where the City and OCRI through its members set the strategy and manage the programs that move Ottawa’s economy forward. The organization is a not-for-profit corporation that operates on an annual budget that comes from a variety of sources including: municipal, federal and provincial governments; membership fees; professional development programs and private sector sponsorships.

Our mission is to lead Ottawa in sustained economic development to build wealth and enhance our quality of life by: nurturing innovation and accelerating entrepreneurial organizations, connecting business, research, education, government and the community, developing and attracting world-class businesses, talent and skills, enhancing the quality of education in the region through innovative and collaborative programs and marketing the region’s capabilities globally. As Ottawa’s lead economic development corporation, we have a demonstrated track record of meeting Canadian and global demands through intellectual and technical innovation; facilitating collaborative, leading-edge research: fostering lifelong learning: and developing infrastructure and online service delivery of the 21st century city.



Scope of Position

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the President & CEO will be responsible for overseeing and executing the strategic mandate for the organization to achieve the mission and vision of OCRI. He/she will establish an execution plan for the current mandate but at the same time set the strategic and operational directions for the next stage of OCRI.

OCRI seeks a President and CEO who, under the strategic direction of the Board of Directors, will supervise the affairs of OCRI and be responsible for its ongoing management, administration and community persona.



Functional Tasks


  • Be the thought champion for economic development in the Ottawa Knowledge-based sector;
  • Refine the vision for the organization and set the strategic direction. This includes assessing the organization’s existing strategic plan vis-à-vis the changing technology landscape from corporate to entrepreneurial, understand the requirements of the various stakeholders that includes, municipal, provincial and federal government along with the needs of the membership to determine the appropriate strategic roadmap. This roadmap must be dynamic in nature and clearly reflect the board direction.
  • Initiate projects and strong OCRI advocacy at meetings with federal, provincial and municipal government officials;
  • Develop a strong profile and funding base for OCRI in Ottawa and enhance the public perception and importance of OCRI;
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization to ensure the timely implementation and execution of the strategic vision of the organization;
  • Deliver programs which will significantly enhance economic development in Ottawa that are relevant and embraced by our membership; and consistent with city plans.
  • Provide ongoing direction, performance management and developmental support of the executive team against all functional areas; and
  • Communicate with the stakeholders and the Board of Directors, by providing up to date information on the organization’s key performance indicators and maintaining strong relationships with existing and new stakeholders.

Preferred Experience / Education

The following indicates specific industry, academic and functional experience/qualifications that are important to the successful achievement of the identified responsibilities and performance deliverables.


  • Degree in Business, Economics or Engineering or equivalent;
  • Experience or understanding of reciprocal international investment and knowledge or network for economic development focused on investment and trade would be considered an asset;
  • Proven entrepreneurial experience with appropriate financial, market and business acumen in scaling an organization to the next level of growth;
  • Is an experienced CEO or Executive Director; alternatively already occupying a senior position within an established organization encompassing full P&L responsibilities and recognized as the leader within that organization;
  • A demonstrated commitment and interest in issues relevant to OCRI; a good understanding of the economic development environment in the Ottawa region; experience in a prominent volunteer role would be an asset;
  • An ability to lead an organization in both a visionary and operational sense;
  • Demonstrated effective management of a Board of Directors employing good corporate governance practices;
  • A good understanding of and sensitivity to the complexities of the separate roles of the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government and other stakeholders within OCRI; a broad understanding of the public process;
  • Bilingualism is considered an asset in the role;
  • A track record of building sustainable relationships at both the public and private level;
  • A good understanding of the NFP environment and the corresponding approvals, processes and the management of funding sources;
  • The ability to imagine a wide range of alternatives that better align with the fabric of the community;
  • Demonstrated managerial skills in being able to motivate a team with an enthusiastic response to meeting goals;
  • Demonstrated experience raising the profile of an organization;
  • Experience in managing contractual and government relationships;
  • Ability to establish partnerships with other organizations to maximize the achievement of organizational goals and objectives; and,
  • Willing to represent OCRI and the knowledge-based sector at a broad range of network events on a weekly basis.



Remuneration & Benefits



  • Competitive salary and bonus structure commensurate with experience.

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