Regional Director Partnerships Cleantech


About the Client

Our Client is an arm’s-length foundation created by the Government of Canada which has received $1.05 billion as part of the Government’s commitment to create a healthy environment and a high quality of life for all Canadians.

Client aimed at the development and demonstration of innovative technological solutions. Client operates as a not-for-profit corporation and has been working with the public and private sector including industry, academia, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the financial community and all levels of government to achieve this mandate.


The Regional Director, Partnerships will be the focal point for managing relationships with key provincial government, financial sector, industry, and academic stakeholders within their respective region. They will also represent the company at key regional and regional events as a corporate ambassador and play an important client-side role in championing and monitoring the delivery of strategy as well as providing the necessary leadership and inspiration required to achieve the organization’s goals.



The Regional Director, Partnerships reports to the Vice President, Industry and Stakeholder Relations and liaises with other Senior Managers to develop stakeholder relations within a designated region. In the process this position liaises with staff at senior levels of the organization as well as with outside agencies.



This position will be staffed in Client’s Toronto regional office. Client has other regional offices in Vancouver and Montreal and its headquarters in Ottawa.



Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

•  Participates in the development and delivery of strategy and approach with regional stakeholders
•  Identify and develop relationships with financial partners interested in investing in Client-funded projects
•  Provides analysis and advice, assessing where relationships need to be developed or improved to support the organization’s business objectives
•  Identify and develop relationships with key strategic cleantech industry partners
•  Manages diverse stakeholder relations issues to support business requirements
•  Gathers information and updates on sustainable development in the region including complementary public or private programs and initiatives
•  Participates in key industry/government regional groups working sessions, conferences and networking events

Some travel required within the region and to Ottawa



Education and Experience

•  University degree in business, finance, economics or engineering
•  8+ years of multi-disciplinary business experience including 3 years in a business development, business relations, strategic alliance, or product management role
•  Recent cleantech industry background and a network from one or more of the: finance, SME, industry, provincial government, regional government, or academic sectors
•  Background includes a role leveraging internal and external stakeholders to identify, secure and manage subject matter, insights, opinions and decision-making processes
•  Successful track record managing projects with private sector and government stakeholders
•  Exposed to companies that vary in size from start-up to corporate
•  Within a change environment, able to raise the level of sophistication and professionalism, and operate in a culture that embraces communication while in a state of continual improvement and evolution


• Knowledge of key cleantech policies and issues including a high-level understanding of technology and its demonstration and commercialization; able to review, analyze and synthesis information and sense long-term trends
• Intellectual capacity to translate strategic stakeholder relations and communications objectives into project specific targets and actions
• Analytical ability to develop and present a sound business case that encompasses business, technical, and policy perspectives
• Complexity thinking style involves: synthesizing ideas logically to come up with optimal plans; analyzing problems with an organized use of information and logic; developing and carefully implementing long term plans; displaying a capacity to generate alternatives and establish priorities
• Relationship management abilities to build, then effectively transition, strong relationships for a diverse group of external stakeholders; establishes credibility quickly, is objective, supportive and flexible to adapt to a wide variety of personalities and styles (from entrepreneurial to governmental)
• Superior written and verbal communication skills; effective articulating and listening, to both detail and nuances, in the information exchange with a variety of audiences
• Reasonable knowledge of the funding process
• High level of computer skills using office productivity tools such as Microsoft Office

Personal Characteristics

• Energetic, self-motivated, self-manager who is results-oriented
• Interdependent and supportive but comfortable working geographically isolated with minimal support
• Professional, confident presence that immediately establishes credibility
• Self aware individual who is inquisitive and has a strong desire to learn
• Displays a sense of personal urgency, passion, drive and energy, and the ability to operate in a fast-paced, fluid and dynamic environment that embraces many paths to a solution
• Flexible and open to change, displays a sense of ownership and optimism, delivers on commitments, is receptive to constructive feedback and support, and is respectful of boundaries and responsibility lines

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