Executive search – Research consultant


About the Company

StoneWood Group is a Toronto-based executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of senior management on behalf of corporations in the technology sector. Our clients include some of Canada’s best-known software, telecommunications, electronics, aerospace and CleanTech companies.

As our practice continues to grow, we are seeking a bright, motivated individual with excellent interpersonal skills and an interest in learning our business. Responsibilities will start supporting consultants in conducting research on behalf of our clients. The position will evolve into recruitment based on the capabilities of the individual.

Executive search is an exciting multidisciplinary industry that handsomely rewards those with a passion for learning and a strong drive to succeed.


Broad responsibilities will include the following:

Research in support of executive search assignments. This will include but will not be restricted to:

  • Participating in candidate specifications with clients
  • Developing target candidate lists
  • Researching candidate markets for appropriately qualified potential candidates
  • Contacting candidates to ascertain their receptivity and their appropriateness
  • Arranging and participating in selected candidate interviews
  • Liaising with clients

Aid in the ongoing audit of research processes and contribute to enhanced research delivery capability. This includes assessing current cycle times and tools and will include investigating and accessing more effective sources of data, databases and implementing enhanced service delivery mechanisms.

It is expected that in parallel you will be constantly endeavoring to broaden your understanding of executive search. This will include elements relating to better understanding client requirements (competency profiling, corporate culture, issues of fit etc.), assessing candidates against client requirements, reporting (documentation etc.), the ‘art of the hire’ (i.e. understanding candidates’ unmet needs, motivations, managing expectations etc.) and managing the client relationship. Though each consultant develops his/her capabilities individually, Stonewood’s differentiation lies around issues of fit, and it is expected that you will consistently strive to develop yourself in that understanding.

At a minimum, the successful candidate shall have a Bachelor degree with some work experience, ideally in professional services.

If you are interested in exploring this, please forward your resume to [email protected].

StoneWood Group does not contact Clients and Candidates via WhatsApp. If you receive such an outreach it is a SCAM!