Executive Director


To create and promote an environment which fosters social and emotional well-being of our military families in order to support the mission of the Canadian Forces.

REPORTING TO: The Chairperson of the Board of Directors

AREAS OF AUTHORITY: The Executive Director holds the key leadership position in the organization. Under the authority of the Board and in support of the Agency’s Constitution and by-laws, the Executive Director (ED) assumes complete responsibility for carrying out Agency policies/procedures and regulations. The Executive Director has the authority to direct the implementation of the organization’s programs and services, and is responsible for the leadership and performance of all Human and Financial Resources.


• A degree from a recognized university;
• A minimum of three years of management experience in a Not for profit organization (i.e. supervised staff, prepared and accounted for budgets, funds, etc.);
• Experience working with Board of Directors an asset;
• An ability to lead, coach, and support a multidisciplinary team;
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in both French and English a must;
• Excellent interpersonal, analytical, organizational, problem solving and judgment skills;
• Working knowledge and/or experience with the Canadian Forces is a must;
• Proficiency in various computer applications and the ability to adapt to new applications as they become available.



• Administers the day-to-day operations and priorities of the organization
• Reviews, researches, develops and recommends organizational policy or amends existing policies
• Ensures implementation of the MFSP Privacy Code
• Supports board committees
• Approving authority for all program specific policies/procedures
• Responsible for ensuring short and long term operational and strategic planning.
• Sets specific organizational goals and outcomes, goals for management practices and program and service goals and identifies the required resources to achieve the goals
• Communicates with key stakeholders to identify the changing needs and conditions of the community that is served by the organization
• Considers the impact of several alternative plans, interprets varying factors to address changing, unique or complex conditions and generates solutions to problematic situations
• Develops an bi-annual plan to address the needs of the community as outlined in the Community Needs Assessment
• Facilitates the research, planning, development, implementation and evaluation of programs and services
• Makes sure that programs and services reflect and meet the Board priorities and are within organizational policy
• Lead the implementation of the organizations’ programs and services
• Ensures information management and administrative services support the organization
• Able to respond to multiple and changing demands; able to work with a wide variety of people and situations and able to switch gears due to rapidly changing priorities and demands
• Ensures community input is factored into program development
• Promotes communication plans that inform the community of the activities and programs
• Responsible for the overall leadership and performance of all staff
• Leads and facilitates the management team; responsible for their productivity and cooperation and the full participation of all areas of the organization
• Ensures, sustains and models productive workplace management practices such as ongoing performance feedback and accountability, full staff participation with delegated responsibility and ownership, open sharing of information and performance based rewards
• Coaches and mentors staff; ensures ongoing staff development, cross-training and multi-skilling and succession planning.
• Visits all work areas on an ongoing basis to maintain open communications, personal accessibility to all staff and a team oriented environment.
• Responsible overall and through the management team for the leadership and productivity of all Agency operations.
• Ensures and sustains productive workplace practices such as minimal bureaucracy, open sharing and dissemination of information to all staff, a focus on client services, productivity and cost effectiveness and an organizational structure that supports and reflects such practices
• Responsible for the finances of the Agency and its programs and for conserving the resources of the Agency
• Ensures a focus on and a measurement of successful outcomes rather than outputs
• Ensures that all legislative and insurance requirements are adhered to
• Responsible for ensuring an ongoing survey of customer needs, the measurement of how successfully those needs have been met and maintaining high standards of customer service
• Maintains productive public relations at all times; regularly attends Agency events, regularly visits stakeholders and represents the Agency at various official functions, committees, associations, other levels of government, etc.
• Facilitates contact between government, funding agencies and the Agency’s programs when necessary
• Assists, advises and informs the Board on all Agency matters to assist the Board to establish appropriate and well informed overall policy direction
• Ensures that the Board is provided with well documented and researched agendas and reports with , where appropriate, alternative solutions, recommended courses of actions and cost benefit analyses.
• Ensures that the Board is provided with ongoing financial reports which provide and overview of what has been spent as opposed to budgeted and reasons for any significant variance.
• Ensures that the Board is provided with ongoing management reports that keep the Board informed of major activities of the Agency
• Works closely with the Board Chair in establishing and reviewing agenda items, following through on decisions made by the Board, informing of any potential political issues and maintaining ongoing open dialogue.
• Ensures that the overall policy direction established by the Board is adhered to

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