Vice President – Clinical Research & Research Administration


      About AMRIC

The Advance Medical Research Institute of Canada (AMRIC) was established on June 16th, 2011 as an independent not-for-profit corporation.  Founded on the basis of fostering translational research, AMRIC is the affiliated research institute of Health sciences North, under the direction of a Board of Directors.  AMRIC’s strategic business plan (2011-2012) articulates a vision and business architecture that augments the vision and strategic direction of Health Sciences North.
AMRIC works in close cooperation with several key partners in greater Sudbury Region, including Health Sciences North, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Laurentian University, Cambrian College and Collège Boréal. AMRIC also actively pursues strategic partnerships with all levels of government and private industry from across Canada and around the world.
Located in Sudbury, the organization has enjoyed rapid growth with currently 75 employees. It is fully expected that the budget will be approximately $10 Million within a year, will exceed $20 Million within 5 years and eventually surpass $30 Million.  The staff complement is expected to reach 100 employees within 18 months and is projected to eventually reach 160.


       Scope of Position (Position to be based in Sudbury)

Reporting to the CEO, the Vice President – Clinical Research & Research Administration is responsible for leading all operational and administrative functions which support the vision, mandate and programmatic work of AMRIC, as well as oversee the day to day activities of the organization on behalf of the CEO. He/she will provide management and administrative leadership in all aspects of AMRIC’s operations, including facilities management, IT, financial management, staff supervision, customer service, compliance issues and the administration of the clinical research office and laboratory. This individual will also spearhead the development of the strategic operational plan for the organization and implement the plan with measurable results.  This role will also include oversight of all aspects associated with managing funding and oversight of all grant activity.
This hands-on role requires interaction with all levels of the organization including the scientists and clinical investigators.  He/she will possess experience in research lab administration or clinical research management along with financial management expertise. The individual must also possess superior delegating and interpersonal skills given that they will utilize and interface regularly with the hospitals resources for IT, facilities management and financial management.

       Functional Tasks

Responsibilities will include:  

  • increases the quality of support to investigators and ensures regulatory and institutional compliance
  • directly supervises research support personnel to ensure effective planning, oversight, and coordination
  • monitors progress and performance of all projects to include quality of services, timelines of deliverables, compliance with regulatory requirements, and adherence to financial targets
  • measurement and assessment of research productivity, including publications, clinical trials and grant revenues
  • develops and oversees internal educational and training programs and performance standards
  • provides leadership to and professional development for the research staff
  • in collaboration with the CEO, develops communications collateral and facilitates collaborations in support of research efforts
  • monitors compliance with accrediting and regulatory agencies in research
  • ensures alignment across research, educational and administrative components
  • participates as an open, engaged and committed member of the Executive Team in the formulation and execution of the institute’s vision and strategic objectives
  • plans and directs the operational priorities, goals, policies, practices and initiatives in accordance with the goals and strategic direction set by the CEO;
  • oversee and support operational management in all elements of the established funding processes and corporate services;
  • develop the organization’s strategic operational plan for the research institute;
  • direct and oversee the development of appropriate systems for measuring necessary aspects of operational management;
  • manages the clinical research office and all clinical research conducted within HSN and AMRIC
  • ensure all activities conducted are compliant with regulations and risk is managed
  • seek out, develop and maintain professional relationships with internal clinical leaders, physicians, clinicians and investigators, as well as external partners to develop appropriate clinical research projects
  • supports Health Sciences North’s Research Ethics Board; manage the research ethics office
  • interprets, clarifies, evaluates and articulates ethical and legal obligations and responsibilities to investigators and administrators
  • recommends and develops strategies for research cost accounting and reporting
  • reviews and provides support in locating and developing funding sources
  • in coordination with senior management, prepares, reviews and approves departmental  budgets
  • monitors all contracts with AMRIC
  • publicizes and manages the preparation of competitive grant applications
  • gathers, prepares and analyzes data on AMRIC activities, disseminating information relevant to research
  • provides leadership for all aspects of pre-award and post-award grant activity, including disseminating grant information, staff and proposal development, grants management and accounting, and operational planning for the continuing growth and development of a comprehensive grants operation
  • promotes an increased presence in national research and academic organizations

               Preferred Experience/Education

The following indicates specific industry, academic and functional experience/qualifications that are important to the successful achievement of the identified responsibilities and performance deliverables.

  • Master Degree in Health administration (MHA), MBA , CGA or CMA
  • At least 10 to 15 years of work-related experience within an institution dedicated to any one of Sciences, Research, Post-Secondary Education, Health Services, Biotech or Pharmaceutics; with 5 years in an executive level position;
  • Knowledge and understanding of all regulatory requirements governing Clinical Research, Therapeutics Product Directorate of Health Canada, US Federal Drug Administration Regulations, Office of Human Rights and Protections as well as compliance with Good Clinical Practice Guidelines and adherence to the Canadian Tri-Council Policy Statement, Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines, Good Laboratory Practice Guidelines
  • Superior work-related experience with project management, presentation, budgeting processes, IT and facilities management, financial analysis and strategic planning.
  • Strong HR Management Skills (Supervision, Coaching, Evaluation, Planning, Training, Motivation).
  • Ability to forge cross functional working relationships with internal teams and external project partners; demonstrated ability to build partnerships, develop and implement initiatives
  • experience in program development, planning, implementation and evaluation
  • highly collaborative and energetic management style
  • superior ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • ability to multi-task and manage several projects in parallel, paying attention to detail; effective ability to delegate


          Remuneration and Benefits

  • Competitive salary +  benefits package

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