Green Energy Brand CEO


About the Company 

Energy is one of the most important issues of our time. The choices made by government, corporations, NGOs and individuals today have a profound impact on our future. In 2005, our client began by offering Ontarians an opportunity to purchase renewable electricity for the first time. Today they are a nationally recognized and trusted brand, offering renewable energy choices across the country. Thousands of homes and businesses.

But the company does more than offer energy consumers a choice. Partnering with key NGOs, as well as renewable power generators across Canada, our client supports and invests in the development of new renewable power generation, education about renewable power, and mobilizing communities to support a renewably powered future.

The company is both a social enterprise (with a social mission) and a for-profit, certified B Corporation (with a growing top and bottom line). Our client is embarking on the next phase of its journey, and is seeking a new leader, ready to be a catalyst for innovation and creativity, and excited about driving new business development, portfolio expansion, extended brand reach, and community engagement. Most importantly, this leader takes to heart our client’s vision of bringing about a renewably powered future.

Scope of Position

Since its inception, our client has grown to national prominence and played a leading role in transforming the green energy landscape in Canada. The firm boasts growing core markets, a preeminent and uniquely positioned national brand, a myriad of new market opportunities, a dedicated team and a committed ownership. Driving the company’s growth strategy as well as its customer and partner relationships will be the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer.

Functional Tasks

  • Work with the Board of Directors and with members of the senior management team to continually refine, implement and monitor the strategic plan.
  • Ensure the timely implementation and execution of the strategic and operating plans with a focus on successfully achieving double-bottom line results, the financial and social mandates of the organization.
  • Maintain, nurture, and create senior level relationships with existing and potential customers, strategic partners, and suppliers.
  • Provide ongoing direction, performance management and developmental support to the executive team. Continue to build world-class capabilities. Focus the team to accelerate and drive the growth in revenues, new market development, sector leadership and profitability.
  • Lead the expansion of the company business and brand into new markets. Engage with strategic stakeholders in those markets.
  • Serve as external executive ambassador for the firm. Represent the company to the press, government, industry, and the public.
  • Champion the company’s interests by working closely with government regulators and key industry stakeholders.

Key Performance Deliverables

In light of the identified responsibilities, the following are specific deliverables that the position is designed to achieve.

  • Specific goals will be agreed upon with the successful candidate. Metrics will include: Revenue growth from existing core business lines; Development of new, adjacent product and service offerings; Profitability growth; Brand reach/value; Deepening of Corporate Governance and Employee satisfaction.

Competency Profile

The following competencies listed below define the role of – CEO.

Integrity & Sincerity
Inspires trust and supports others through own authenticity and following up on commitments. Maintains high ethical standards both personally and professionally. Shows consistency among principles.

Articulates the key points of an argument persuasively. Negotiates skillfully and convinces others to own point of view. Directly and indirectly impacts the decisions/opinions of others. Mobilizes people into action.

Strategic Approach
Develops a strategic plan to realize the vision. Revises strategy in light of changing circumstances. Takes a long-term view of organizational success. Works to clarify long term organizational goals. Able to stand back from immediate problems in order to focus on more far reaching ideas.

Commercial Acumen
Applies appropriate commercial and financial principles. Understands situations in terms of costs, profits, added-value and return on investment. Appreciates the commercial impact of own work on the organization’s total expenses and revenues.

Generates new ideas. Challenges existing assumptions. Goes beyond the status quo. Recognizes the need for new or modified approaches. Brings various perspectives and approaches together, combining them in a creative fashion to implement effective improvements.

Industry & Market Awareness
Seeks to anticipate and respond to industry and market changes/challenges by understanding key characteristics, issues and the factors driving them. Aware of competitor’s products, services and position.

Delegates responsibility to match the skill and ability level of team members. Provides others with the scope and resources necessary in order to complete assignments effectively. Creates an environment where individuals have the latitude to use their discretion.

Leading Change
Recognizes when change is necessary. Challenges the status quo and champions new initiatives. Acts as a catalyst to change and stimulates others to change. Develops an effective action plan to implement change and monitors results.

Gathers and interprets all available sources of information. Willing to make solid and quick decisions when necessary. Can commit to a course of action without delay when faced with limited information.

Preferred Experience / Education

The following indicates specific industry, academic and functional experience/qualifications that are important to the successful achievement of the identified responsibilities and performance deliverables.


  • Proven success leading and scaling early-stage ($20M – $50M) businesses.
  • Proven business acumen including strategic planning, business development, and corporate finance.
  • Success in extending successful brands into new or adjacent markets.
  • Experience in developing strategic alliance
  • Senior-level enterprise selling experience
  • An effective, visionary, strategic leader with a strong customer focus.


Remuneration & Benefits

  • Highly competitive compensation package structured to the needs of the successful candidate.

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