Financial services – Head of Network Engineering


Our Client

Headquartered in Toronto, our client is a major global financial institution with over 50,000 employees around the world. It operates diverse networks from internal wireless hotspots for employees through to secure high speed networks for capital markets trading. The Head of Network Engineering is tasked with envisioning and creating all the different networks for the enterprise.

The Opportunity

More and more financial services are being delivered electronically and the innovation is rapid. All of that innovation is heavily reliant on a robust and secure network environment. This is a truly unique opportunity for a networking professional to engineer a highly complex global network that helps drive innovation in a broad financial services offering. Moreover, this one of the few global roles of this nature with a Canadian business and a Toronto head office.

The Role

Reporting to a Vice President of Infrastructure, the successful candidate will oversee a team of approximately 45 IT professionals responsible for the overall design, delivery and execution of the company’s Core Data Network infrastructure. More specifically, this role will:

  • Be responsible for platform ownership, including the strategy, functionality, currency, availability, security, user satisfaction, industry best practices, cost effectiveness and on-going performance of the core data network. This includes LAN, VOIP, POS, WAN, MAN, Wireless LAN, Wireless WAN, International WAN, ISP, data centre and host networking for Canada, US, and international locations.
  • Manage Network Engineering Team that designs, builds, tests, implements and provides third level support for the core data network.
  • Be responsible for the development and implementation of technical business strategies in cooperation and alignment with our business partners.
  • Ensure the data network infrastructure evolves with the North American objectives of the company, the needs of the network applications including voice, video and conferencing, as well as business applications across the enterprise.
  • Simplify infrastructure by improving responsiveness, balance, stability and continuity.
  • Integrate legacy technologies into a transformed, unified communications platform.
  • Originate infrastructure solutions to achieve operational availability, continuity and scalability.
  • Ensure suitable solutions, where required, for High Availability and Disaster Recovery across all network platforms.
  • Follow record and manage currency levels of technology, work with the organization to ensure quality and efficiency.
  • Enhance infrastructure security in line with changing industry capabilities, risks and threats.
  • Ensure functionality and performance meet the needs of the business and applications depending on the network include voice, video and business applications.
  • Establish and nurture relationships with key stakeholders across multiple channels on a North American enterprise level.

Key Candidate Qualifications

The following indicates specific industry, academic and functional experience/qualifications that are important to the successful achievement of the identified responsibilities and performance deliverables.

  • Technical leader in the networking, responsible for technology innovation and engineering excellence.
  • Solid understanding of data network technologies and how they integrate through a collaboration hub.
  • Track record of providing innovative technology leadership in data networks in a global environment which includes managing effective process methodology and change management programs that result in the early, swift adoption of new solutions and ongoing optimization of processes.
  • Outstanding people management, leadership and coaching skills.
  • Experience in developing performance measurements, best practices.
  • Advanced facilitation, influence management & consensus building skills.
  • Credible both in terms of being a data networks subject matter expert and has the ability to communicate technical concepts to the business leaders in terms that resonate with them.
  • Organizational awareness & the ability to balance the viewpoints of Technology teams, experience with multi-country operations an asset.
  • Superior ability to influence and motivate others, including those who do not have a direct reporting relationship.
  • Highly motivated with exceptional time management aptitude, analytical skills, and the ability to be flexible.
  • Demonstrated strategic thinking abilities, focused on delivering on the long term strategy.
  • History of making an impact, developing and executing on strategies and delivering superior results in both the short and long term
  • Able to manage effectively in a complex matrix environment.
  • Ability to build for the future by attracting and developing the best people.
  • Experience in overseeing large and diverse operations.

Education Requirements

  • University or post-graduate degree
  • Relevant work experience, preferably in the data network communications area, but with a broader understanding across multiple IT disciplines

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