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About the Company The recycling and disposal of electronics products has become a topic of global concern as governments and industry face the challenges of managing ever increasing volumes of end-of-life materials. In addition to the cost and availability of landfills, electronics products contain materials that cannot easily be treated as common waste. There are also relatively small quantities of specific materials that may be potentially hazardous, particularly if they are not disposed of in a safe, professional manner. If properly processed however most of these materials are recyclable and have reuse value leaving little to no negative environmental footprint behind them.

Recycling firms provide critcal handling and disposal of these materials with the objective of optimizing recycling and reuse. In addition, they play an increasingly important role in aiding industry with surplus logistics, returns, warranty, secure data-cleansing, refurbishment and even remarketing of electronics products all with the aim of minimizing pollution and waste, recovering materials and unlocking the residual value of client products.

Our client is Canada’s national leader in electronic recycling. An approved recycling processor under all existing provincial stewardship programs, our client owns and operates facilities in five provinces including the country’s newest and most sophisticated recycling facility. Our client is dedicated to ensuring the secure, transparent and environmentally friendly recycling of electronics on behalf of governments, municipalities, OEMs and enterprises.




Scope of Position

From its inception less than six years ago, our client has grown to national prominence. Our client boasts fast-growing core markets, a myriad of new emerging market opportunities, a dedicated national team and a committed ownership group.

Driving and managing the company’s national sorting and processing operations and staff will be the responsibility of the Vice-President Operations.

Taking direction from the President, the VP Operations will formulate and then effectively execute the operations plans while creating energetic and positive relationships with the company’s customers, employees, and other key stakeholders.



Functional Tasks



  • Align and execute operational plans to strategic plans
  • Assess and evaluate all current processing processes, make recommendations and execute ongoing changes that improve throughput efficiencies, cost and yields
  • Develop meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics by which to better monitor, measure, manage and improve operations.
  • Develop strategic projects to identify and deliver key business improvements throughout operations from identifying initial potential opportunity, delivering the business case, gaining approval and delivering to agreed scope, budget and timescale.
  • Cultivate a continuous improvement or related lean manufacturing culture across the organization.
  • Play a hands-on role in managing all day to day operations working closely with key operations managers and team members.
  • Continue evaluating costing, supply chain and logistics strategies and approaches against best practices.
  • Strategic planning, budget preparation and accountability for operational matters within the budget process.
  • Manage and oversee all aspects of process innovation, design and engineering to ensure the company maintains its innovative leadership position in the market.
  • Manage and oversee the maintenance and servicing of the company’s processing equipment to minimize down times while maximizing the efficiency and working life of all processing equipment and machinery.
  • Ensure that company remains compliant with all applicable regulatory standards and all outputs are handled in accordance with and to the highest recycling safety and quality standards.
  • Ensure that quality processes and standards are compliant and continually enhanced.
  • Evaluate staff related processes and procedures including work rules, position descriptions, responsibilities, training etc with a view to both optimizing productivity and enhancing employee relations. Gain alignment with needs of the business.
  • Proactively pursue strong positive relationships with the employee population.
  • Motivate staff through being a positive, encouraging champion for continual improvement.
  • Develop staff to ensure their capabilities scale as the business scales.
  • Contribute to the overall executive management of the firm, as part of the senior management team.
  • Foster strong working relationship with executive team members as well as company owners.


Key Performance Deliverables

In light of the identified responsibilities, the following are specific deliverables that the position is designed to achieve.


  • Continuous improvement and service delivery excellence – Leadership or teamwork contribution in expenses, process cost, yield, downtime reduction, safety and client service.
  • Team work – Effectiveness in working with the sales, finance and engineering teams to achieve the business objectives.
  • Client satisfaction – High quality, efficient processing that meets or exceeds client’s requirements.
  • Expense control – Meet or exceed approved budgets or forecasts.
  • Reporting – On-time accurate monthly reports and forecasts.


Competency Profile

The following competencies listed below define the role of Vice-President Operations at our client

Role Expertise
Demonstrates critical technical or professional knowledge/skills related to the role. Has thorough knowledge of relevant products, services and methods. Expands technical knowledge/skills and keeps up-to-date in own area of expertise.

Planning & Objective Setting
Systematic in approach to work. Produces action plans in which objectives are defined and steps for achieving them are clearly specified. Plans by breaking down large task into subtasks. Develops plans that anticipate obstacles. Is realistic about time-scales and builds in appropriate checkpoints, milestones and controls in order to ensure that desired results are realized.

Commercial Acumen
Applies appropriate commercial and financial principles. Understands situations in terms of costs, profits, added-value and return on investment. Appreciates the commercial impact of own work on the organization’s total expenses and revenues.

People Management
Establishes and communicates clear priorities and sense of direction. Clarifies roles and responsibilities. Adapts management style to achieve optimum results.

Developing & Coaching Others
Accurately assesses strengths and development needs of employees. Challenges others to improve their abilities and actively supports their development. Continually provides timely and constructive feedback, coaching and challenging learning opportunities. Adjusts coaching style based on each employee’s ability and motivation level.

Quickly adapts to new situations and approaches. Open to change and readily adopts new methods in the face of shifting priorities and ambiguity. Can alter own perspective and behaviour in order to adjust to changing demands and plans.

Strategic Approach
Develops a strategic plan to realize the vision. Revises strategy in light of changing circumstances. Takes a long-term view of organizational success. Works to clarify long term organizational goals. Able to stand back from immediate problems in order to focus on more far reaching ideas.

Team Skills
Helps to create a sense of team spirit and harmonious relations through cooperation and support. Balances personal goals with those of the team. Fosters collaboration among team members.

Integrity & Sincerity
Inspires trust and supports others through own authenticity and following up on commitments. Maintains high ethical standards both personally and professionally. Shows consistency among principles.


Preferred Experience / Education

The following indicates specific industry, academic and functional experience/qualifications that are important to the successful achievement of the identified responsibilities and performance deliverables.



  • 15 plus years of broad based manufacturing, operations, engineering process management, process improvement and related experience.
  • Experience in implementing best practices in operations, quality systems, and engineering.
  • Significant change management, business transformation experience within mid-sized and private businesses
  • Experience in striking a balance between substantive yet measured change that moves the organization forward without risking its future
  • Complementary business experience that can be leveraged in the current role and for future growth opportunities
  • A track record of success distinguished by having cultivated positive working relationships with staff, peers and superiors.
  • The position is Toronto-based and requires the willingness to travel to the firm’s various locations as required.



Remuneration & Benefits


  • Competitive and innovative compensation package which will be discussed with serious candidates

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