Alberta IT Partner


About The Company

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada the firm manages $150M in committed capital and is backed by leading institutional and private investors in Canada and the United States and by a network of successful technology entrepreneurs, executives, and angel investors.
The firm leverages an extensive on-the-ground network to seek out the most promising cleantech and IT investment opportunities in Western Canada and we also selectively lead cleantech investments in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and the rest of Canada. Once behind a deal they take an active, lead role with entrepreneurs, building teams and well-financed companies that can dominate growing markets.

Scope of the Positon

Reporting to the General Partners, the Partner is responsible for fundraising, fund investment, and firm operations. The Partner will proffer information technology subject matter expertise.

• Develop fund offerings by analyzing venture capital investment trends, defining portfolio strategy, and analyzing fund performance.
• Relationship management of prospective Firm Limited Partners.
• Negotiate limited partnership and associated agreements, including any side letter agreements, and close funds.
• Relationship management of existing Firm Limited Partners.
• Support investor relations activities including annual general meetings, quarterly reports, quarterly conference calls, and periodic in-person meetings.
• Support management of events involving institutional and individual Limited Partners.
• Support fund marketing through notices of major achievements: major syndication events, executive/board recruitments, significant portfolio events.

Fund Investment
Deal Flow Development and Management
• Active participation in public relations including speaking engagements, panel participation, granting interviews, writing articles, and attending conferences.
• Conduct sectoral analysis.
• Perform due diligence reviews:
• Effectively manage service providers including lawyers, tax advisors, and expert technology consultants.
• Close deals by successfully progressing investment decisions through the Deal Flow Management Process.
• Close deals by successfully marketing portfolio company financings.

Transaction Support
• Lead the deal structuring and term sheet negotiation to delivery of a signed agreement.
• Assist with investment capital forecasting and planning to ensure timely issuance of capital calls and wire transfers at closing.
• Assist with timely review and comment on closing documentation.

• Ensure timely completion of quarterly review materials.
• Ensure timely completion of quarterly reports including company reports and any supporting sections.

Corporate Development
• Monitor industry trends and key participants to identify opportunities for partnership and collaboration.
• Build and win support for strategic initiatives with management and board directors. Assist management with the pursuit and consummation of strategic partnership agreements.
• Establish and lead board committees with the mandate to consummate strategic transactions and eventual investor and founder liquidity.

Board Governance
• Assume relationship management responsibilities for portfolio company executives and board directors.
• In advance, identify specific initiatives to structure your participation in board meetings.
• Ensure timely filing of board materials and invoicing of meeting expenses.

Portfolio Management and Adding Value
• Conduct portfolio company performance analysis including:
• Assist executive and board recruitment including, but not limited to:
• Assist non-dilutive funding including:
• Maintain industry relationships that can benefit portfolio companies including:

Firm Operations
Transaction Management
• Support term sheet negotiations by advising on specific terms and conditions skillfully tailored to suit the company’s unique circumstances.
• Drive the preparation of draft documentation for review, markups of Firm comments, and coordinate revisions to facilitate timely and cost-effective closings.
• Complete funding of closings by check or wire transfer.
• File all closing books.

Preferred Candidate Qualifications
• Undergraduate degree in a computing-related discipline; business degree.
• Proven C-level executive leading the development, from startup to positive cash flow revenues, of a successful information technology products business competing in global markets.
• Recent experience in a high-growth information technology industry segment in Alberta, with an emphasis on commercial development and “go to market” aspects of the business.
• Prior background with a VC or private equity firm focusing on early stage information technology companies; proven ability to be an individual achiever and team player in fast-paced, high-pressure environments.
• Career progression includes both technical program management and product management in a product-centric technology business; made the successful transition to market focused leadership roles in route to becoming a C-level executive.
• Core competency lies in understanding the critical steps required to commercialize an information technology business; proven ability developing company commercialization capabilities and management capacity, and guiding the development and launch of IT products and services; track record of knowing when to shift the company emphasis away from technology towards the market.
• Knowledge of key IT industry companies and general industry dynamics; high-level understanding of computing architectures and technologies; awareness of long-term market trends, emerging opportunities; able to characterize and quantify sector and segment-specific industry risk factors.
• Possesses a current Alberta network of IT industry experts comprised of scientists, CTOs & CIOs, sales, marketing and business development executives, board directors, industry thought leaders, professional service providers, and investment professionals that can be leveraged; preference for a network that extends beyond Alberta and BC to IT industry hubs such as Silicon Valley, and the greater Seattle area; viewed as one of the IT thought leaders in Alberta.
• Exhibits a sound understanding of the key business processes of a VC or equity firm.
• Superior communication (written and verbal) skills and the ability to influence to achieve results; can “sell” ideas to build consensus with partners in the firm, and with portfolio companies and investee prospects; attentive to both detail and nuances, in the information exchange with a variety of audiences; encourages constructive, and at times intense, debates that strive for the right answer.

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