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StoneWood Group Inc. is one of the leading Executive Search Firms in Canada. We specialize in executive search and recruiting in a variety of sectors, including the technology sector. Established in 1981, we excel in finding talented executive level candidates for our client organizations.

Defining the Best in Executive Search

Executive talent drives organizational success, so every hiring decision you make is critical to collective performance.

The search for talent - finding the ideal candidate and ensuring a perfect fit - is both an art and a science. It integrates the latest search methods, assessment technologies, online tracking tools and international databases. And combines the experience, wisdom and industry knowledge of specialized consultants.

This is how StoneWood Group defines excellence in executive search, and we are proud to have built exceptional client relationships on the strength of our services. Our consultants look forward to finding the very best leaders for your organization.

Our experience and expertise makes us one of the leading executive search firms in Canada.

Worldwide Access

We are a member of Access Search Partners, a global leader in executive search with offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and South America.

Here is a graphical way to think about how to hire senior executives according to the specific context they will walk into......
The executive was feeling pretty good. One of the fastest-growing entrepreneurial companies in Canada wanted him to be its new Chief Operating Officer. Discussions had moved quickly with the celebrity founder himself making the case that the firm's over-burdened systems and processes desperately needed the executive's world-class operational experience. Topping it off, the word ‘successor' was even whispered at the close of one late night dinner discussion. After some heart-wrenching deliberation, the executive decided there would never be a better opportunity to catapult his career. He accepted the company's offer and resigned from his employer of twenty-three years………Six months later he was unemployed, richer only by the knowledge that his impeccable credentials had in fact been glaringly lacking of the only experience and skills that truly mattered.
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An Interview with Robert Glegg, CEO of 2Source Manufacturing. Robert Glegg founded Glegg Water Conditioning, Inc. in 1978. Over the next two decades he built the Guelph, Ontario-based water treatment firm to a $150mm per year powerhouse before selling it to General Electric in 1999.
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An Interview with Castek Founders Fay and Yung Wu - Castek Software was founded in 1990 by siblings Yung and Fay Wu, along with a third partner who exited the business in 1999. Initially funded with $60,000 in credit card debt, the partners nurtured the firm into a successful and profitable international enterprise software company, with revenues approaching $40mm, and double that in committed order backlog. The founders risked it all and raised $70mm over three major financing rounds in an effort to become the leading insurance software vendor in the market.
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I recently read an article on Thomas Bata, the Czechoslovakian-born cobbler who became ‘shoemaker to the world' through his Toronto-based Bata Shoes.
It was recently reported that a number of US-based tech firms are hiring specialized internationally-sourced talent into their Canadian subsidiary offices rather than continue fighting with the quagmire that is U.S. immigration. This is good news for Canada ....
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