A Strong Sense of Direction

A Clear Vision of Success
Whether you’re planning for reorganization or succession, the search for a CEO or key Board member is a significant responsibility. As the spotlight falls on the need for greater transparency in corporate governance, increased regulatory compliance, clearer signs of social responsibility and demonstrable proof of global competitiveness, the search for ethical, visionary, charismatic and results-driven leaders becomes more complex. Leading corporations and emerging companies alike understand that the leadership choices they make now will have a significant effect on all of their stakeholders.

Strong leaders make a difference, demonstrating a clear vision of success, and possessing both the confidence and ability to achieve it. With the communication skills and magnetism to motivate people to share that vision at every touch point of the organization, the best leaders will link expectations, goals and activities to the single focus of your corporate purpose.

Searching for Key Leaders and Planning for Succession
When you’re recruiting for top-tier positions, you have a unique opportunity to re-assess your strategic direction and re-examine the strengths of your existing team. Adding new blood at a senior level enables you to introduce fresh perspectives, missing skills and valuable experience to your organization. The planning, search, assessment and selection process must be rigorous. And the partner you choose to help with your CEO or Board Search must combine wisdom, experience and performance with discretion.

Established in 1981, StoneWood Group has extensive experience of succession planning and senior-level search. With offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver, and an international presence in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific, the company has built extensive relationships with both clients and candidates in multiple sectors. This puts StoneWood Group in an ideal position to advise you about the top talent in your marketplace.

We are known for our thought leadership, and our most experienced consultants work closely with the Boards of the companies we serve to understand your strategic intent, the personalities of your people, the culture you are creating and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. The StoneWood team includes former company presidents who turned start-up operations into multi-million-dollar international corporations, key players of Fortune 500 operations and past members of multinational executive search firms. Not only do we understand the challenges you face, we also know exactly where to find the people who can help you overcome them.

Discovery, Search and Selection
CEO and director recruitment begins with discovery, so our first step is to conduct an in-depth needs assessment. Once we are familiar with your strategic plan, as well as your senior-level executives, we’ll be able to identify the candidate profile and the strengths that will best suit the needs of your organization. Our search process is particularly meticulous and our international databases are powerful. We apply unique search methodologies developed by leading industrial psychologists, along with the latest assessment technologies and interview techniques, to explore patterns of behaviour, evidence of learning and levels of self-awareness. We strongly believe that the best predictor of future performance is past conduct, so we make sure that we discover the contexts in which candidates have previously performed and succeeded.

With rigorous proprietary process, the finest in tools and technologies, a global network of contacts and the wisdom of almost 30 years of experience, StoneWood is your preferred partner in CEO and Board-level searches.